Monday, June 29, 2015



                                                  CHAPTER FOUR

     By March 7, 2015, the defendant (Frederick Alexander Jones, Indictment Number 6804.84, New York County) had made several compelling supplications to the attorneys who represented him at trial and on the direct appeal. Accordingly, the attorneys who explicitly described themselves as the successors to these attorneys (Seymour W. James of the New York Legal Aid Society and Richard M. Greenberg of the Office of the Appellate Defender) did not ever give to the defendant a meaningful response upon his many supplications for plainly vindicating medical records.
     New York County District Attorney  Cyrus R. Vance had used his Record Access Officer to demand such a response in writing, and as a precondition before he would give to me a copy of the aforesaid medical records.
      Very obviously, the conduct of these well informed attorneys is "aiding and abetting a violation of fiduciary duties". Indeed, the respective defense attorneys have plainly and hatefully agreed to hide these medical records (hospital records [People's Exhibit Number Two]), evidence upon which the entire case is irrefutably based. This conduct is a routine conspiracy among court officers, and it is seldom understood by other lawyers. It is Fraud upon the Court.
     The prosecutor had very deliberately grossly misrepresented this extraordinarily vindicating evidence to the Grand Jury and to the petit Jury. The defense attorney ( Michael Monaghan of the Legal Aid Society), after being made aware and after conceding the very gross misrepresentations, did all that is possible to conceal this hateful conduct from the court. The presiding judge, Harold J. Rothwax, joined Monaghan when he glared at me before the jurors. See Miller v. Pate, 386 U.S. 1, 6, 7 (1967). It is a White-female-victim case.
     The language of the Criminal Civil Rights Statutes describe, very plainly and very comprehensively, that this conduct is a willful deprivation of the defendant's most fundamental due process rights, that the court officers involved in this routine conspiracy are the rankest of all criminals. See, 18 U.S.C. §§ 241,242.
     This aforesaid conduct defines a lynching to all who can find the courage to participate in the hue and cry. To such persons, the language of section 241 is plain and unlimited. It "embraces all of the rights and privileges secured to citizens by all of the constitution and all of the laws of the United States." See United States v. Price, 383 U.S. 787, 800 (1966).
     Rothwax was a fervent Zionist who held two citizenships. In his book "Guilty" (Harold J. Rothwax, Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice [New York: Random House, 1996], at page 204) he demonstrated a boundless distain for jury trials, and considered, insanely, that a plea of "Innocent" is offensive. There were no jury trials in Israel  ("Israel has never had one [a jury system]", at page 220). Dual citizenships must be reconsidered. America is for Americans.



Monday, June 22, 2015



                                                 CHAPTER THREE

 The American Party is the levy of a campaign against the most insidious and depraved crime in all of history: lynching. Unlike the lynchings that occurred in the South, before 1964, the lynchings in the North are hidden by routine criminal conspiracies among court officers and are done under the color of law (see 18 U.S.C. §§ 241,242).  The typical empty criminal courtroom will deprive the public of the required contemporaneous scrutiny, and the monolithic media will continue to grossly mislead the public into believing that such hideously dark courtrooms do not exist.
     Nevertheless, the methods of destroying the dastardly and depraved practice of lynching
African-Americans in the North were thoroughly developed by a lady of boundless courage, Jessie Daniel Ames.

  Indeed, between 1930 and 1940, Ms. Ames literally eliminated every lynching (recorded) in the United States. She used white women to approach the sites where lynching were rumored to occur.
She used her Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching (ASWPL). Constant very serious threats and harassment did not stop these ladies. By 1940, not a single lynching was recorded. The media hid her and her boundless courage; and, even today she is left in the darkness.
     She did know that the widely accepted myth that women needed protection from African-American men was usually a manufactured justification for a public lynching.

Monday, June 8, 2015



                                                 CHAPTER TWO

  Frederick Alexander Jones is clearly the preeminent authority on the subject of the most grievously wrongful convictions, convictions that are routinely accomplished in the hideous darkness of America's criminal courts. This blog allows anyone to view and understand the landscape of the greatest corruption in the world, America's criminal justice system. They will want this revelation, and the most ethical lawyers to help them reconsider their government.
     For example, when Jones states that nearly all of America's criminal courts are empty (as television and the media have never presented this fact and grossly misled America for many decades), such lawyers will confess that this is true.  Moreover, all the world guarantees a public trial for one accused of a serious crime, and for an extremely compelling reason.
     Another example, is the fact that America has become the Mecca and haven for the cowards, knaves, and degenerates as their money and America's secret proceedings will hide them. Accordingly, it is the only nation that inflicts such secret grand jury proceedings upon its citizens. It does little or nothing for the innocent. They must plead "guilty", and the worst criminals are treated to short prison stays or none at all. An ethical attorney will, also, confess this practice among lawyers.
     This blog is a hue and cry for those with courage to step forward, and save their dear country.
      Every step of the actual process that leads to arbitrary and hateful deprivations of the most fundamental constitutional and human rights is carefully presented as an essential caution to all.
     The foregoing will educate many lawyers and their prospective clients on each and every step towards these dastardly crimes against America.