Monday, June 8, 2015



                                                 CHAPTER TWO

  Frederick Alexander Jones is clearly the preeminent authority on the subject of the most grievously wrongful convictions, convictions that are routinely accomplished in the hideous darkness of America's criminal courts. This blog allows anyone to view and understand the landscape of the greatest corruption in the world, America's criminal justice system. They will want this revelation, and the most ethical lawyers to help them reconsider their government.
     For example, when Jones states that nearly all of America's criminal courts are empty (as television and the media have never presented this fact and grossly misled America for many decades), such lawyers will confess that this is true.  Moreover, all the world guarantees a public trial for one accused of a serious crime, and for an extremely compelling reason.
     Another example, is the fact that America has become the Mecca and haven for the cowards, knaves, and degenerates as their money and America's secret proceedings will hide them. Accordingly, it is the only nation that inflicts such secret grand jury proceedings upon its citizens. It does little or nothing for the innocent. They must plead "guilty", and the worst criminals are treated to short prison stays or none at all. An ethical attorney will, also, confess this practice among lawyers.
     This blog is a hue and cry for those with courage to step forward, and save their dear country.
      Every step of the actual process that leads to arbitrary and hateful deprivations of the most fundamental constitutional and human rights is carefully presented as an essential caution to all.
     The foregoing will educate many lawyers and their prospective clients on each and every step towards these dastardly crimes against America.

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