Tuesday, July 14, 2015



                                                  CHAPTER SIX



We declare the following:
  1. "Lynching" is any willful deprivation of any person's fundamental due process right.
  2. "Lynching" is described by and prohibited by the United States Criminal Civil Rights Statutes (18 U.S.C. §§ 241,242).
  3. The absolute right to unrestricted public access to all trials and public hearings must include the absolute right to contemporaneous public scrutiny.
  4. Without publicity all other checks are of small account (In Re Oliver, 333 U.S. 257, 268-271 [1948]).
  5. The greatest and rankest of all criminals are the American court officers who routinely lynch plainly innocent African-American defendants in the hideous darkness of courtrooms that have no public attendance, as the monolithic media primes the public to believe that such conditions can never exist.
  6. Most lynchings occur in New York and other states in the north of the United States, as deliberately overwhelming caseloads permit the fate of all innocent defendants to be determined by mere horse trading in the chambers of judges who alleged to be loyal to two nations or other foreign nationals who should have been denaturalized. 
  7. The American system of criminal justice can only be  described as assembly-line criminal justice, where the innocent are used as frightening examples to all who dare to exercise their fundamental right to a jury trial (typically without public attendance and without publicity).
  8. Lynching is  an indefensible crime, destructive of all principles of government, hateful and hostile to every ideal of religion and humanity, debasing and degrading to every person involved.
  9. Public opinion had accepted too easily the claim of lynchers and mobsters that they are acting solely in defense of womanhood.
  10. In light of the facts we dare no longer to permit this claim to pass unchallenged, nor allow those bent upon personal revenge and the rankest of all knavery to commit hidden and cowardly acts in the name of women.
  11. We solemnly pledge ourselves to create a new public opinion in America, which will not condone, for any reason whatever, acts of government mobs or government lynchers.
  12. We will teach our children at home, at school and at church a new interpretation of the law and religion.
  13. We will assist all officials to uphold their oath of office.
  14. We will join with every minister, editor, school teacher and patriotic citizen in a program of education to eradicate lynchings and government mobs from our land.     

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